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Washington State Chapter: Community Associations Institute
Managing Your Risks, Reducing Your Association Costs

Condo Assure is a division of The Unity Group that specializes in designing solutions for your community association's insurance and risk management needs. These solutions help control the costs of risk and reduce your exposure to claims. Working with your board, unit owners, and your trusted advisors you can leave your insurance and risk management worries to the experts!

Key Assets:
  • A proven record of reducing & controlling the total cost of risk for clients
  • Specializing in designing plans & programs addressing complex risks
  • Experienced team made up of active Community Association Institute members
Condo Assure is offered exclusively by The Unity Group Insurance and Employee Benefits.

Meet the Condo Assure Team

Condo Assure Team Condo Assure Team Lead-
Duncan Kirk, CIC, CIRMS

Condo Assure Team Account Executive-
Cindy Phillips, CPCU

Condo Assure Certificate Processor-
Corinn McCulloch