HSA 364

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Medical insurance is typically the largest expense that employers have after payroll. Heathcare costs in the U.S. continue to more then double the rate of inflation. Can you afford not to learn more about the HSA 364™ Program?

What are HSAs?

HSAs are savings accounts owned by an individual employee. Funds can be used to pay for current and future medical expenses. These accounts can be funded by the employer, the employee or both. Deposited funds are tax deferred, roll over from year to year, and can be withdrawn without penalty at the age of 65.

Employer advantages
  • Sustainable
  • Proven long-term solution to lower increasing healthcare rates
  • Provides opportunity to control and protect business finances from healthcare inflation
  • Engage employees to understand the actual cost of healthcare
Employee advantages
  • Funds roll over from year to year
  • Catastrophic protection is included
  • Higher deductibles mean lower premiums
  • Long-term financial benefits including having a reserve for future medical expenses
  • Funds can be invested like IRAs
  • Account is owned by you and stays with you even if your career changes
  • Portability allows no interruption of care
  • Funds can be passed on to a spouse tax free after death
  • During periods of low-income or unemployment funds can be tapped into to pay for monthly medical premiums in addition to routine health expenses
HSA 364 is a specialized product offered exclusively by The Unity Group Insurance and Employee Benefits. Want more information about HSAs? Contact our Employee Benefits Department today! 1.800.339.9270